I believe

That you can shine when you are confident.
That you can step into your own personal power and experience a life time of quality living.
That you can dance under the stars and be in control of your life.
That you can sneeze with ease and laugh with confidence.
That you should feel the pleasure of your own sensuality and sexuality and enjoy intimacy.
That family and friends make laughter a little louder, your smile brighter and your life way better!

A Bit About Me:
Welcome to Pelvic Floor Matters: Core Fitness!  My name is Vicki Zumbraegel and I am a Personal Trainer with a difference.  I specialise in pelvic floor safe exercise programmes for women of all ages and stages of life!  Especially for women who have pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms such as postpartum incontinence, prolapses and incontinence issues to name a few.

Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer, I have been a nurse for about 35 years now.  I guess looking at my career path it has always been about nurturing and helping others.  I completed papers in Women’s Health, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Health Care in the Community Setting as a Plunket Nurse (for those outside of New Zealand, this position is a Child Health Care Nurse).  I have worked in many other specialised fields such as Women’s Gynaecological and Obstetrics Theatres, General Theatres, Starship Children’s Emergency Department in Auckland, Cardiac Catheter Lab, Practice Nursing, and Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU).

So, what changed my direction to Personal Training?  My children!  My time!  My family!  My mindset! Probably in that order too!

I am a mum of 2 young men and a daughter and a step mum to 2 young men. Whilst these young men were still at school it became apparent that someone needed to be home after school to be present to ensure that all was well in their world!  At this time, I was working part time and enjoying the space to work out at the gym and work on my fitness and health.  As I love keeping myself educated I decided that I would do a Personal Trainers course and so life changes began!!  I cleared out my daughter’s bedroom (she was at Uni) and started my own business! Perfect work/life balance for my family and me!

A Wee Bit More About Me:
Pun very much intended!!  I know what it is like to have pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.  I experienced light bladder leakage, but I also experienced moderate to heavy bladder leakage too! Usually when I moved quickly like on the dance floor, running, jumping, or at exercise classes where I would “pad up” to save my embarrassment.  However, I could not “pad up” being intimate!  Instead I would cover the bed with a towel.  Too much information for an about page?  Nope I don’t think so – this is the realities of having pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms, right?

I also had issues at the back passage too!  Holding in wind was one mean feat and often a lost battle!  However, it wasn’t just that, it was also bowel leakage and that really got to me. Even though I thought I had wiped myself well I would note smudges of leakage on my underwear.  Being intimate was no longer spontaneous; it was prepared for in advance! I didn’t want my husband to see my underwear or pad….

To top it all off I had a prolapse too.

Now you would think being a nurse I should have known to do pelvic floor exercises, known how to do them…. A whole lot of should haves! But no, I didn’t.  I wish I knew then what I know now.

Whilst I was training as a Personal Trainer, I knew that I wanted to train women, but it wasn’t until I went to a workshop that I had an ‘Aha!’ moment.  I had pelvic floor dysfunction, but had no idea that I should have been exercising with pelvic floor safe exercises, even after the operation I had to help with my issues.  That all changed from that workshop.  From there I knew I would continue with my primary health care post grad. diploma and help women to care for their pelvic floor health so that they could live quality confident lives.

A Bit About Me Helping You:
I want others to know what I know now!  You may not need to have an operation.  You can strengthen and protect your pelvic floor by doing pelvic floor exercises and engaging in exercise that is safe for your pelvic floor.