Vicki Zumbraegel, registered nurse and award winning personal trainer, hosts women’s information evenings several times a year, and upcoming event times will be posted on this page.  She also offers a specialized course for fitness professionals on how to understand and build programmes for menopausal women (for details of the course see below).  This course is offered by appointment.

In addition, Vicki is available to present at events, expos, women’s group meetings and business gatherings.

Please contact her to arrange a booking.

Vicki Zumbraegel – Pelvic Floor Matters
0272574300 or

The Pelvic Floor Matters – Menopause and the Active Woman CPD Course is a practical 3 hour course run by appointment.  You can do the course as an individual, or organise a group of fitness trainers to complete it together.


It is vitally important for all personal trainers, group fitness instructors and fitness professionals who work with women of any age to know which exercises may put damaging pressure on the pelvic floor, but menopausal women are particularly at risk.  Reduced estrogen levels can cause pelvic muscles to weaken and decrease the flow of blood to the pelvic region.

Suitable for Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors and Fitness Professionals

Successful attendees are eligible for 2.5 CPD Points.

Course Costs
$75 per person (minimum 4 and maximum 12 people)
$300 for one on one trainer training or $150 for 2 trainers
Bring your own Swiss Ball and Mat please.

Course Overview
In this REPs registered three hour course the participants will develop an understanding of
their clients who are experiencing menopause and wanting to be active and the
implications that this may have.

They will participate while learning why the pelvic floor matters to the menopausal woman.
They will also learn how to assess, develop and implement a safe environment for their
clients to be active and reduce the risks of pelvic floor issues.

Course Outcomes
Briefly look at the pelvic floor, its function and why pelvic floor matters to the
menopausal woman.

What you need to be aware of when working with this client.

Understand the implications of poor pelvic floor health and how it impacts health
outcomes for the menopausal woman.

Have a greater understanding of how to create an environment that feels safe to the
woman with pelvic floor issues or who is at risk of developing them.

Have the opportunity in participating in pelvic floor safe exercises to incorporate
into your professional repertoire.