Is this your embarrassing secret?

Is the saying “I wet myself laughing” a shameful reality for you?


Does coughing or sneezing
cause you to anxiously check for pee leakage?


Do you avoid any form of running or jumping
for fear that you will have to change your knickers afterwards?

The technical name for this kind of leakage is urinary incontinence.  It is very common, but not often talked about.  Incontinence affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men.

It is embarrassing and limiting, but you are not doomed to wearing pads or incontinence knickers, or living a life without joyful laughter.  You can regain your freedom and confidence.  By learning the right exercises and practicing them regularly you can regain strength and control over your pelvic floor muscles and stop the leaks.

Can You Relate to any of These Women?

leaking urineLinda is 45 years old and has 2 teenage boys. For most of her life, since having the kids, she wets herself when she sneezes, coughs and runs or jumps. It catches her off guard all the time! So, she wears pads every day for just in case! She wants to exercise but feels too embarrassed that the pad won’t hold everything! She worries that she is going to end up like her mother who wears a “diaper” and can be a “bit whiffy” in summer.

Marie is 56 years old and exercises at group classes to help with the thickening of the waist she is experiencing since menopause. She has noticed lately that when she squats down it feels like a small water balloon is coming out to meet her underwear and it feels uncomfortable down below.  Her back aches a lot especially in the evening.

Janet is 35 and has had 3 children. Lately, she has noticed that her urine leakage has gotten worse over the years when exercising, to the point it is not just with exercise, it is with some everyday movements! She has also noticed now and then that she leaks a bit from her back passage on certain movements. She is annoyed because her lovely lingerie needs to have a pad in it now. It can be a bit of deal breaker for her when it comes to intimacy.

You may have had a baby recently and notice that when you bend down to pick up your baby you leak urine and have to change your underwear (maybe even more than once a day), and you are contemplating buying pads to wear every day. This doesn’t need to mean a budget and environment blow out.

You may have been fine and dry all your adult life and just recently you notice that when you cough or lift or even make a sudden move that you have wet yourself and now you have taken to wearing black pants when you go out…. because the white ones just don’t cut it anymore!

Have you talked about this to anyone? Or do you see this as being part and parcel
of having had a baby or growing old and that it is normal?

Personal Trainer Christchurch AwardHi

I’m Vicki Zumbraegel the owner of Gratitude Fitness, Award Winning Personal Trainer** and Registered Nurse specialising in pelvic floor safe exercises.

I once experienced a little bit of each of these women’s issues.  I remember one day being absolutely mortified when I wet myself quite considerably, whilst doing a sack race at my children’s athletic day! Luckily, I had a cardigan with me to put around my waist!

I totally get that you might think that incontinence is par for the course of life. Heck, I even thought so myself, and for many years I put up with it.  It got to the point where I would wear pads and would carry with me spare pads, underwear, wet wipes and a plastic bag.  My evening handbag was not your delicate wee clutch made for lipstick, a cell phone and a credit card!  You can only imagine the look on people’s faces as my spare pair of underwear (not my best ones!) fell out onto the restaurant table whilst I was looking for a pen!

So, what can you do to get back on the exercise bus and feel secure and confident being active?

Due to popular demand I have designed the award winning* Leak-Free Ladies 8-week pelvic floor safe exercise programme with you in mind.  Regular practice of these pelvic floor dysfunction exercises has helped me and hundreds of women I have worked with regain their freedom and confidence to live an active life by preventing urinary incontinence.  It can do the same for you.

The online videos can easily be accessed in the privacy of your own home, hotel or anywhere at any time of day that suits you.

*2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards – Winner Initiative Award Recipient

**2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards – Winner Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year

I have had a Personal Trainer for more than 20 years. It was not until I went to your presentation last night that I realised some of those trainers over the years have had me doing exercises totally unsuited to woman and more than likely has caused pelvic floor issues for me. I thought the leaking I was having was because I wasn’t fit enough or doing the exercises incorrectly. Thank you for your wonderful presentation that reinforced some types of exercise are just not good for your pelvic floor.

I must also say that since commencing training with you I have had no leaking issues and my fitness level remains high.


Moira* – 64 years young
Personal Training Client of 3 years

The Leak-Free Ladies 8-Week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme will help you to:

Tone, strengthen and protect your pelvic floor muscles to prevent leaking urine

Tone and flatten your abdominal area

Gain total body strength, flexibility and balance

Learn how to exercise without damaging your pelvic floor

Feel more confident to live an active life

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Feel confident and empowered to be active no matter your age or stage in life

leaking urine8-Week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme

Award winning, comprehensive programme for women who want to exercise for fitness or weight-loss without the frustration and embarrassment of leaking urine when they do.

Easy – all the info you need in one place with step by step video guides

Convenient – perform the exercises in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you

Affordable – only $97 which is a saving of about $600 compared to a one on one specialised programme with a personal trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to stop leaking pee if I do this programme?

For nearly half the women in a 2010 study, pelvic-floor-strengthening exercises helped stop at least three-quarters of leaks. If you isolate the right muscles and do the exercises daily, you should start seeing an improvement by week 4.  At this point you will receive a follow-up email checking on your progress so far and giving you information on additional aid if your symptoms have not improved.  By week 6-8 you can expect to experience a significant decrease in leakage.

How long will it take to do the exercises?

Initially each exercise session you do will take between 40-50 minutes including warm-up and cool-down.  As you become proficient in the exercises you will be able to complete each session in about 30 minutes.  When you become competent with isolating and lifting your pelvic floor muscles you can begin to exercise these daily while going about your everyday activities.

Do I need any special equipment to do the exercises?

Some of the exercises are best done with a Swiss Ball.  Others are best done with handweights, but can be done with no weights initially or you can use bottles of water as weights.

Are the exercises easy?

The videos show Vicki leading a client through the exercises.  This gives a visual demonstration of how to perform the exercises step by step.   You can see an example of this if you sign up above to view the introductory video.  Each video is accompanied by a PDF written set of instructions and the programme is structured to allow you to progress at your own pace.

Just done day 1 on my eight week exercise plan. I really liked the way Vicki explained things, excellent. ….. Looking forward to seeing some improvement over time. Well done Vicki on creating a great video, I’m pleased I joined up.


59 yrs/old

At age 50 and after one child 15 years ago, it had taken its toll …. Vicki was very good with her explanations….I am very grateful for the training and wished I had done it a lot sooner. It is a discipline, but like anything that’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.


50 yrs/old, mother of 1.

If you put the work in you results will happen. I now automatically engage my pelvic floor and TA….whenever I pick my son up or anything up just from doing my exercises regularly. Please do this for your mental and emotional wellbeing. I’m a better mum for it.


28 yrs/old, new mother.


Yes, I want to regain my freedom and confidence

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